The Blockchain Academy – Online. Deep Knowledge. True Experts.

The Blockchain Academy – Online. Deep Knowledge. True Experts.

A proven concept for blockchain education

made by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Dive into the World of Blockchain with Expert Insights

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realm of blockchain through our educational YouTube channel. Featuring exclusive footage from the Crypto Assets Conferences. Our videos showcase industry experts delivering insightful presentations on the technology's impact and applications. Explore specialized playlists delving into key topics, providing a comprehensive learning experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Free industry insights

Profit from the expertise and network of the leading research center in the blockchain area to build up an essential knowledge base within your organization.


Blockchain Expert Panels

The Blockchain Academy sets high standards for itself and its monthly panels. We guarantee comprehensive expert knowledge, excellent didactics and relevant content.


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Your Blockchain Academy


Industry Insights

The Blockchain Academy is well suited for professional use in a corporate context. The content is backed by industry experts that work on current use cases in the blockchain space.


Expert panels

Join monthly livestreams on Youtube with the experts from our network. Participate live in these discussions are ask questions directly to the panelists.


Social learning

The Blockchain Academy facilitates teamwork and collaborative learning. Your employees motivate each other and share their progress.


Continuous support

We personally ensure that your employees learn successfully with the Blockchain Academy. From implementation to everyday questions, we are always by your side.



We have partners in our network that provide professional certification for your knowledge. The DEC Institute offers programs to become a professional blockchain charterholder. Moreover, Web 3 Talents offers FREE 18-weeks mentoring programs to get you started in web3.



Strategists meet programmers during the Blockchain Academy - the perfect breeding ground for successful projects.

    Comprehensive blockchain teaching

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Embark on a Journey of Expertise at The Blockchain Academy, Where Learning Meets Application along the Value Chain!

Discover tailored playlists curated for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts, offering deep insights into vital aspects of the Blockchain industry. From uncovering use cases to mastering the technical intricacies and understanding regulatory frameworks, we've got it all covered.

In today's decentralized economy, autonomous learning is key. Take charge of your skill development aligned with your goals. Our video playlists provide a streamlined view of the industry, ensuring you stay at the forefront of trends.

Delve into the minds of experts, regulators, and lecturers as they dissect Crypto assets' utility, industry challenges, and the latest regulatory updates. With our curated video collection, you're in control of what, when, and how you learn.

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The participants of our Blockchain Academy say:

Daniel Bathe

Union Investment

The prerequisite for successful implementation of innovation is education. The Frankfurt School Blockchain Academy helps to understand blockchain technically, identify use cases and classify them legally.

Thomas Bolleyer


The Blockchain Academy is an outstanding opportunity to get to grips with one of the most important technical trends and learn through play!

Reinhard Beck

Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)

Especially for the implementation of industrial applications a deep understanding of the blockchain technology is essential. The Blockchain Academy offers all necessary basics to develop and successfully implement this knowledge.


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