NFT & DeFi: Recent Trends (Panel)

NFT & DeFi: Recent Trends (Panel)

Industry Insights: NFT & DeFi: Recent Trends (Panel)

Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Finance both have one thing in common: Their enormous potential and many applications investors and experts expect to see in the future. By guiding the international financial system towards a digitalized world, relying on the technology of distributed ledgers presents chances and challenges for further development.

About the lecturers

Thomas Faber is Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Rudy Capital, a DeFi investment vehicle for semi-professional and professional investors based on stablecoins and market-neutral positions.

LinkedIn profile of Thomas Faber

Peter Grosskopf is Co-Founder and CTO at Unstoppable Finance GmbH a Berlin-based company with the mission to empower people around the world to access, interact with and unlock financial opportunities of the decentralized economy. Before he was CTO and MD at Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, the first regulated digital asset exchange in Germany. Before he was CTO and co-founder at solarisBank. Peter has a technological and entrepreneurial background. In 2008 he founded a software engineering consultancy out of university and grew it to profitability. In 2014 he came to Berlin to join the company builder Hitfoxgroup and Finleap which focuses on fintech as CTO. Blockchain and decentralization fascinates him from the moment he got in touch at the end of 2016. Since then he has shaped the vision to bring decentralized finance to reality.

LinkedIn profile of Peter Grosskopf

Jamiel Sheikh is a founder, CEO, author, professor & educator, community builder, and board member. Founder & CEO of Instamint, a B2B NFT/DAO minting API platform, which is his primary focus. He is also the founder of Chainhaus, a blockchain / DeFi advisory and education company, operator of Blockchain101, an online blockchain education portal, and founder of the Central Bank Digital Currency Think Tank which consists of (central) bankers, academics and runs CBDC Insider.

LinkedIn profile of Jamiel Sheikh

Stefan Schmitt joined Blockdaemon two years ago, helping build the sales team and expand into the EMEA region. He enables both crypto and TradFi companies to access blockchains, participate in yields, and establish partnerships to make crypto as accessible as possible. Previous to Blockdaemon, Stefan has worked as a Project Manager and Research Associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and was involved in several startups and associations such as ITSA.

LinkedIn profile of Stefan Schmitt

Christoph Iwaniez joined Nuri in July 2018 as Managing Director and CFO. Previously he was CFO of GIZS, a digital corporate venture of the German savings banks group in the online payment market. Before that Christoph was 10 years at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), one of Germany’s biggest banking groups, covering positions in Risk Management, Subsidiary Management, and M&A projects.

LinkedIn profile of Christoph Iwaniez

Anna Graf loves to create, connect and innovate. All into NFTs and Web3 - Strategic Consultant and Facilitator. She is a member of a global art exhibition, the founder of the NFT art prize, she worked as a consultant for various NFT projects including WWF as NGO, and always looks for sustainable solutions connecting real-life and virtual experiences. She started at MISA in December 2021 to open the traditional art market to a wider audience including NFTs, physicals, and fractionalized ownership.

LinkedIn profile of Anna Graf

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