Will the Tokenization of Assets be the Future? (Panel)

Will the Tokenization of Assets be the Future? (Panel)

Industry Insights: Will the Tokenization of Assets be the Future? (Panel)

A digital token represents a specific number of digital resources you can own, use, or interchange through a blockchain. Intrinsic digital coins are e.g. Bitcoin and Ether, whereas asset-backed tokens represent claims on redeemable assets, like commodities or real estate. Tokenizing the latter enables fractional ownership and lightens access barriers to real estate investing, recording, and storing all transaction information on the blockchain.

About the lecturers

Sheraz Ahmed has advised hundreds of startups on the implementation of modern practices to further their business objectives, experienced with an insightful understanding of innovation. As the Managing Partner of STORM Partners, an all-in-one solution provider, and as the Co-Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association, he drives growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain ecosystem!

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Andreas Traum is a Partner in PwC's consulting practice, supporting clients in the capital markets ecosystem from business strategy through transformation execution. Coordinating PwC's service offering in the digital assets space across the advisory, assurance, and tax & legal lines of service, he supports both emerging and FinTech players as well as established financial institutions to adopt and make the most of digital assets in a safe and regulatory compliant environment.

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Dr. Anika Patz currently works as a senior associate at YPOG, a boutique tax, and business law firm. Before working at YPOG she also worked at several other law firms such as Eversheds Sutherland Germany and lindenpartners.

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Dr. Marcus Hennig has a background in both physics and financial mathematics. After spending several years in France, China, and Australia as a physicist in international research centers, he moved back to Germany to start his career as a consultant at d-fine. In d-fine's Blockchain unit, he takes a leading role as Senior Manager in several client projects focused on developing new innovative products and services around digital assets

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Dr. Tobias Riethmüller is a German lawyer specializing in the law of stock corporations, capital markets, and fintech/digital finance platforms, working with GSK Stockmann, an independent commercial law firm. He holds a degree in economics and is a founding member and legal counsel to the German Crowdfunding Association (Bundesverband Crowdfunding, BVCF). Tobias has advised on setting up more than 70 national and international digital finance platforms in the areas of equity, lending, securities, securitization, and DLT. Besides his several books and articles on corporate, banking, and capital markets law and fintech, he is a regular speaker at conferences.

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