Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “Why Will Tokenization of Assets Be the Future?“

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “Why Will Tokenization of Assets Be the Future?“

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “Why Will Tokenization of Assets Be the Future?”

Apart from all the benefits tokenization would bring along, there are also challenges. Tokenization might be an important technology in the future, but there are still some questions about security concerns, system integration, and regulation. In this panel, Carla Bünger (Kore Technology), Maximilian Marenbach (Kraken), Daniela Merz-Lander (Börse Stuttgart Digital Ventures) and Dieter Fishbein (Web3 Foundation) discuss the chances and obstacles for the promising technology.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 37 min.).

About the lecturers

Carla Bünger worked as a Product and Brand Manager for several years and gained experience in Sales and Business Development. Since 2019 she is CEO of Kore Technologies AG, a company that enables issuers to tokenize, manage, and trade digital assets across industries in the most secure and regulatory compliant way.

LinkedIn profile of Carla Bünger

Dr. Maximilian Marenbach currently is the Head of APAC Expansion and Head of Banking and Payments at Kraken Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange and bank, founded in 2011.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Maximilian Marenbach

Daniela Merz-Lander graduated from University of Ulm with a Master's Degree in Business Mathematics and later on graduated from University of Oxford with a Master's Degree in Software Engineering. After working more than four years as a consultant at d-fine GmbH, she started a position as Technical Lead Crypto Custody & Tokenisation at Börse Stuttgart in 2020.

LinkedIn profile of Daniela Merz-Lander

Dieter Fishbein is the Head of Ecosystem Development at Web3 Foundation where he's responsible for business development and strategic partnerships. He was previously on the investment team for CMCC Global, a blockchain-focused venture capital fund in Toronto and Hong Kong. Formerly a cryptography researcher and asset management professional, Dieter is deeply passionate about the promise of blockchain technologies in solving difficult coordination problems that haven't yet been resolved.

LinkedIn profile of Dieter Fishbein


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