Industry Insights: Tokenization of the GmbH - Changing the Way of Corporate Financing

Industry Insights: Tokenization of the GmbH - Changing the Way of Corporate Financing

Christoph Jentzsch of – discover on Industry Insights

Tokenization of the GmbH (limited liability company) is a set of technological and legal procedures for transferring asset ownership rights to a blockchain, creating a new form of an asset class. This innovative approach to financing is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for fundraising purposes, as it provides greater accessibility and transparency for investors. As tokenization continues to grow, it is likely to transform how companies finance their operations and engage with investors, creating new opportunities and challenges for the corporate world.

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About the lecturer

Christoph Jentzsch is the current CEO of and a former Founder of, a company that made intelligent contracts on the Ethereum blockchain enforceable in the real world by making locks controllable by events on the blockchain. He has also worked as a Senior Vice President of Technology at Blockchains, Inc. He has a theoretical and mathematical physics background with research experience in polymers and computing methods.

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