Industry Insights: Tokenization - How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Securities (Panel Discussion)

Industry Insights: Tokenization - How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Securities (Panel Discussion)

Tokenization - How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Securities (Panel Discussion)

Tokenization is a process that transforms traditional securities, such as arts, real estate, etc., into digital tokens. These tokens were traded and tracked on decentralized networks, increasing transparency, efficiency, and accessibility. As a result, tokenization revolutionized the securities industry, creating new capital raising and investing opportunities. What has happened since the beginning of traditional tokenization? And most importantly, how will tokenization develop in the future, especially regarding regulations of tokenization?


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About the lecturers

Moritz Schildt the Founder and Chairman of the supervisory board at CoinIX, a Company focusing on investments related to blockchain technology and virtual currencies. Furthermore, he is Managing Partner at nordIX A, providing brokerage services for institutional investors and asset management, and an active member of the Bundesblock (German Blockchain Association). Besides that, Mortiz Schildt is a founding member and board member of the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute e.V.

LinkedIn profile of Moritz Schildt

Gundars Ostrovskis possesses diverse skills and knowledge, including expertise in economics and finance in the context of the digital economy. He has an academic background in banking and finance, economics, and business administration. He also possesses technical IT knowledge and skills, including web development in Ruby on Rails and data analysis in Python. They are multilingual and fluent in Latvian, English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and Russian. All these attributes become present in his role as Team Leader on Data Policy and Digital Finance at European Commission.

LinkedIn profile of Gundars Ostrovskis

Volker Braunberger has successfully worked as a Managing Partner for different consulting companies and implemented numerous projects for national and international banks and asset managers. His business focus was and still is on the investment fund industry. In 2021 he initiated the foundation of GmbH started its business operations as a subsidiary of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Plutoneo Consulting GmbH. In parallel, he founded the FinTech start-up "fundsonchain", which provides a platform for the end-to-end handling of tokenized fund shares.

LinkedIn profile of Volker Braunberger

Michael Duttlinger is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cashlink, a fintech in digital securities. They offer players in the financial industry a proven all-in-one software solution for tokenizing securities & assets. As one of Europe’s leading software providers for tokenization, Cashlink offers Banks and investment platforms significant competitive advantages by reducing costs by up to 60% and gaining market share in the emerging capital market 2.0. Cashlink is the Winner of the FinTech-Germany Award in the category of Blockchain.

LinkedIn profile of Michael Duttlinger

Amadeus Gryger is Manager within WEPEX’s Blockchain and Digital Assets practice. In this capacity, he advises financial institutions and asset managers on use cases, potentials, and benefits with regard to electronic securities and crypto funds. Besides that, he advises clients on regulatory matters. Before joining WEPEX, Amadeus worked for Deloitte Consulting.

LinkedIn profile of Amadeus Gryger

Sebastian Dey is the German Head of Digital Assets at Linklaters. He focuses on distributed ledger technology (DLT) with regard to specific capital market products. He regularly advises global banks, financial institutions, asset managers, insurance companies, private equity firms, CCPs, and corporates also in the area of traditional international capital markets and regulatory law both under German and English law with respect to (structured) capital markets products and structured finance.

LinkedIn profile of Sebastian Dey


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