Panel Discussion: "The Digital Euro Landscape: A Status Update"

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: "Banks and Blockchain: Which Way to Go?"

Panel Discussion: "The Digital Euro Landscape: A Status Update"

In this panel, Sarah Palurovic, Digital Euro Association (moderator), Dr. Joachim Schwerin, DG GROW, European Commission, Dr. Marc Henniges, d-fine, Dr. Cyrus de la Rubia, Hamburg Commercial Bank, and Roberto Pagliari, Commerzbank AG, discuss the future of the digital euro landscape,

About the panelists

Sarah Palurovic is a Strategic Advisor of the Digital Euro Association. Within the think tank dealing with the economic, technical and social implications of blockchain and digital money of various kinds, Sarah drives the educational offers such as the Digital Money Academy as well as corporate trainings. Her main focus is on CBDCs and stablecoins, but also on tokenized deposits and other topics related to digital money, especially in the euro area. She is also a member of the Digital Currency expert committee by the German Society for Financial Analysis. Previously, Sarah was a research associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

LinkedIn profile of Sarah Palurovic

Dr. Joachim Schwerin is Principal Economist in the unit responsible for the Digital Transformation of Industry within the Directorate-General Internal Market, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission. He is responsible for developing the policy approach of DG GROW towards the Token Economy and Distributed-Ledger Technologies as well as their applications for industry and SMEs. Moreover, he coordinates initiatives to foster the development of digital skills for the European industrial ecosystems. He regularly contributes to policy development in digital policy fields, including the MiCA Regulation, and the preparation of the digital Euro and blockchain infrastructures for the real economy, such as anti-counterfeiting technologies and the hydrogen value chain. 

Dr. Marc Henniges holds a senior manager position in the blockchain and digital assets practice at d-fine. He has participated in several successful client projects in this role, from tokenization, to eWpG-related projects, to payments and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). He has gained experience in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), pay-per-use applications as well as Delivery-vs-Payment (DvP) processes using digital central bank money and digital assets. He uses his comprehensive technological and regulatory insights to help clients structure their blockchain-related enterprise - from project management to implementation.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Marc Henniges

Cyrus de la Rubia is Chief Economist at Hamburg Commercial Bank, overseeing the formulation of economic, interest rate, and currency forecasts, providing valuable counsel to clients. With over two decades of hands-on experience in international financial markets, de la Rubia not only disseminates his insights at global conferences but also shares his expertise through numerous publications, podcasts, and guest articles for prestigious newspapers. His expertise extends beyond conventional financial market discussions, establishing him as a proficient figure in blockchain and modern money, topics on which he has penned a book.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Cyrus de la Rubia

Roberto Pagliari is a seasoned Director and Senior Product Owner at Commerzbank AG, specializing in DLT Cash and Markets. With over 11 years of dedicated service to Commerzbank, Roberto has honed his expertise in the intricacies of financial technology and blockchain solutions. His career showcases a commitment to innovation and excellence in the banking sector. Roberto's educational background is equally impressive, having studied at the prestigious Politecnico di Torino and the University of Brighton, where he obtained his BSc in European Business with Technology.

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