Industry Insights: Pitch Session

Industry Insights: Pitch Session

Pitch Session: Promising Blockchain Startups Compete for Funding

The pitch session of this year's CAC23A showcases some of the blockchain industry's most innovative and disruptive projects, bringing together ambitious entrepreneurs and investors passionate about decentralized technology. Explore how these start-ups leverage blockchain to create new business models and drive growth to secure further funding for their development.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 44 min.)

About the lecturer

Sarah Gottwald is a self-starter who is driven by blockchain and web3. She is the Managing Director of the Blockchain Founders Group (BFG), with experience as an Investment Manager at Vanagon. She has experience in the automotive industry, banking, and crypto. Additionally, she works as a DLT Talents mentor and podcast host.

LinkedIn profile of Sarah Gottwald

Olaf Hannemann is a Co-Founder of CV VC AG, an early-stage VC investor in startups that build applications based on blockchain technology. Based out of Zug, Switzerland, the heart of the "CryptoValley", CV VC also operates its own ecosystem business, CV Labs, with blockchain-dedicated co-working spaces, summits & events, startup competitions, advisory, and running the incubation program for early-stage investments for CV VC. Before co-founding CV VC, Olaf spent 20 years at JPMorgan in Investment Banking & Corporate Finance in Frankfurt, London, and Zürich.

LinkedIn profile of Olaf Hannemann

Frank Harzheim is the Head of Sales and Marketing at Sorechain, a blockchain-based platform for the supply chain management. With over 20 years of experience in multiple industries, but especially blockchain, he has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing global supply chains, as well as Blockchain

LinkedIn profile of Frank Harzheim

Modupe Diyaolu has 17 years of experience in change management - working across major UK financial sector focused on new market entry, market exit, and financial services business restructuring.

LinkedIn profile of Modupe Diyaolu

Rohit Bohara is the Chief Operating Officer at Asvin, a blockchain-based cybersecurity company. With over a decade of experience in the software industry, he has a strong track record in product development and project management. Bohara's expertise lies in leveraging blockchain technology to develop safe and reliable software products.

LinkedIn profile of Rohit Bohara

Timm Reinsdorf is the Co-Founder and CEO of Particula, a blockchain-based platform for secure data sharing. He has gained a broad spectrum of experience in the Coluting and Auditing Sector and Blockchain. Reinsdorf's expertise lies in utilizing blockchain technology to create secure and transparent data-sharing and exchange systems.

LinkedIn profile of Tim Reinsdorf

Claudio Staub is Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Cybera, which provides cybersecurity solutions for businesses and organizations. In his role at Cybera, Claudio is responsible for leading the organization's cybersecurity strategy and ensuring the security of its systems and data.

LinkedIn profile of Claudio Staub

Oliver Schantin is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a platform that provides data-driven insights for businesses to optimize their operations. Oliver has extensive experience in the technology and business fields, having worked for various companies and start-ups. is dedicated to helping businesses leverage their data to make informed decisions and improve efficiency.

LinkedIn profile of Oliver Schantin

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