Industry Insights: Pitch Session

Industry Insights: Pitch Session

Industry Insights: Pitch Session

The number of new start-ups in the blockchain industry is fastly growing. Custody solutions, decentralized finance, and several digital business models based on DLT are on the agenda. There might be some new start-ups that you should have heard of.

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About the lecturer

Benjamin Horvath is a Managing Director of Blockrocket, one of the leading VC firms for early-stage web3 startups in Europe. He has much expertise in tech investments, venture development, psychometrics, and international management. Furthermore, he is a WHU-graduate and self-taught coder with a fierce belief in meritocratic systems, blockchain, and psychometrics.

LinkedIn profile of Benjamin Horvath

Gökçe Phillips gained a lot of work experiencein different areas before she started as CEO and CO-Founder at CryptoIndexSeries. CryptoIndexSeries is a company that mainly provides data-, trading- and portfolio analytics tools for institutions for digital markets.

LinkedIn profile of Gökçe Phillips

Carsten van Husen actively brought and evangelized the business model of Free-to-Play gaming into the West 15 years ago as CEO of Europe’s biggest MMO publisher: building to 500M players in 75 countries. Crypto assets and their possibilities in the gaming field inspired him to his latest start-up - still in stealth, but exclusively sneak-peakable at CAC.

LinkedIn profile of Carsten van Husen

Leo Hilse is Founder of virtual fashion NFT-marketplace "styleXchange" and $STYLE-DAO. He is interested in Metaverse and Web 3.0 topics. Additionally he's runs operations as Principal at a Crypto Family Office from Munich.

LinkedIn profile of Leo Hilse

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