Making Asset Classes Accessible with Blockchain Technology (Panel Discussion)

Making Asset Classes Accessible with Blockchain Technology (Panel Discussion)

Industry Insights: Making Asset Classes Accessible with Blockchain Technology (Panel Discussion)

As Blockchain Technology develops itself, there are also plenty of new useful opportunities, on what to use the new technology for, coming up. The Speakers in this Panel Discussion are sharing their thoughts on the current situation of Blockchain Tech. regarding private investors wanting to invest in certain asset classes and how Blockchain Technology can make bring solutions for current Problems and make special asset classes more accessible.


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About the lecturers

Sandra Sohn studied mathematics and business administration in Frankfurt (Goethe University) and Mannheim (DHBW) and has been intensively involved with blockchain technology, especially its use in the financial industry, for seven years. In 2017, she started at ODDO BHF (a French-German private bank) where she supported the topic of blockchain and digital assets for three years and was most recently responsible for the development of product and investment solutions in the area of blockchain technology for the Private Wealth Management division. Since this month, she is working as Chief Strategy Officer for and advises financial institutions on integrating the potential of the "new" crypto world into existing IT infrastructures and business models.

LinkedIn profile of Sandra Sohn

Dominik Poiger is the head of ETP Product Management at Iconic since 2021 where he built Iconic's Crypto ETP issuance platform. Furthermore, he was a product manager at VanEck from Jun 2017 - May 2021 and was responsible for multiple UCITS ETFs as well as building VanEck's Crypto ETP platform in Liechtenstein.

LinkedIn profile of Dominik Poiger

Florian Döhnert-Breyer works with crypto since 2013. He founded F5 Crypto in 2018. Since then, they are on their way to becoming the leading crypto asset manager in Germany. Before that, he also founded Pulsar Holding GmbH and worked in several known Companies, such as Deutsche Bank and Roland Berger.

LinkedIn profile of Florian Döhnert-Breyer

Jonas Jünger is the Managing Director of Kiprion GmbH, a specialized custodian of digital assets for institutional investors. Jonas studied International Business at the London School of Economics (LSE) and CEMS. He has been involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2011. First as a senior manager in the global blockchain team at Ernst & Young (EY), then in leadership positions at several FinTech start-ups and as managing director of TeleTrader (now: Baha), and in the Baha group of companies. Since November 2021 he is co-founder and managing director of Kiprion GmbH.

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Sebastian Dey is German Head of Digital Assets at Linklaters. He focuses on distributed ledger technology (DLT) with regard to specific capital market products. He regularly advises global banks, financial institutions, asset managers, insurance companies, private equity firms, CCPs, and corporates also in the area of traditional international capital markets and regulatory law both under German and English law with respect to (structured) capital markets products and structured finance.

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Till Rügge is the co-founder of heartstocks, a young company that offers, markets and manages shares of valuables and collectibles in the form of stocks. Before founding heartstocks, he gained experience as Key-Account-Manager at

LinkedIn profile of Till Rügge


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