Industry Insights: IPOR - Bringing Fundamentals of a $450T Market to DeFi

Industry Insights: IPOR - Bringing Fundamentals of a $450T Market to DeFi

Darren Camas of IPOR Labs – Industry Insights

The failure of silicon valley bank shows the importance of precise risk management in two facets, one interest rate risk, and second duration risks; with cryptos having no actual duration, the IPOR, or Inter protocol Overblock rate, is an index to help bootstrap the yield curve, for DeFi investments.

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About the lecturer

Darren Camas has been involved with crypto & blockchain since 2011, advising, building, and investing in multiple projects. Currently, he is the CEO of IPOR Labs. He is also Co-Founder of FoolFarm, the first AI venture builder in Europe. Previously he served as an advisor for the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, headed bizdev for one of the first global crypto exchanges, and has been recognized for his FinTech startups by institutions such as SWIFT and BBVA. On the institutional investor side he served as advisor to Emurgo, the venture arm of Cardano, and is an angel investor in blockchain startups. Originally from the US, he spends most of his time in emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.

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