Duc Au (WM Datenservice) and Christian Viehof (ITSA) – Industry Insights

Industry Insights: International Token Reference and ITSA Tokenbase

Industry Insights: International Token Reference and ITSA Tokenbase

According to the two speakers, WM Gruppe is the "one-stop-shop" for all relevant financial data and ITR is the perfect data product with regard to digital assets. B2B customers can process the data through their asset-based data systems, so there is no need for a technical connection to various data sources. This results in lower costs and less time for customers.


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About the lecturers

Duc Au has over 12 years of banking experience and uses his knowledge to combine it with the world of DLT and DeFi. He works as Manager Holdings at Keppler Verlag and thus for the family shareholders of WM Gruppe. In his role, he focuses on new business opportunities related to digital assets and works closely with WM Datenservice.

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Christian Viehof started as Chief Research Officer at Rudy Capital, at the beginning of 2022. Rudy Capital is a company with the goal to zero out digital asset market volatility and create new benchmarks in risk-adjusted returns. To achieve this, they develop stablecoin-based and market-neutral portfolios that generate steady positive returns – whether markets are rising, falling, or trending sideways. Before joining Rudy Capital was employed at ITSA - International Token Standardization Association and finished his Mater at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

LinkedIn profile of Christian Viehof



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