Industry Insights: "Infrastructure for Digital Assets and Digital Securities”

Industry Insights Presentation: "Infrastructure for Digital Assets and Digital Securities”

Industry Insights "Infrastructure for Digital Assets and Digital Securities”

Capital markets are expected to undergo fundamental changes through the use of blockchain technology. With this technology, the prerequisites for the creation of digital capital market infrastructures are provided, which will not only replace the existing infrastructure, but also facilitate digital assets and digital securities. Simon Seiter from Deutsche Börse shares his thoughts on how the capital markets of the future could look like.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 16 min.).

About the lecturer

Simon Seiter is Head of Digital Assets at Deutsche Börse, where he is in charge of building the digital infrastructure for securities trading on blockchain-based systems. Simon Seiter studied Business Informatics (B. Sc.) and Management (M. Sc.) at the University of Mannheim. Due to his experience in the DLT sector, he is a regular speaker at conferences, universities and gives various lectures. Simon Seiter also participates in various political working groups for creating framework conditions for DLT-systems.

LinkedIn profile of Simon Seiter

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