From Crypto Assets to Establishing Infrastructure for Digital Assets? (Panel)

From Crypto Assets to Establishing Infrastructure for Digital Assets? (Panel)

Industry Insights: From Crypto Assets to Establishing Infrastructure for Digital Assets? (Panel Discussion)

What are the major challenges for building an infrastructure for digital assets? Can the "made in Germany" brand also help here? Can the crypto winter help build the infrastructure for digital assets? Will security tokens be the new standard and in a few years so normal that we won't even talk about it anymore? Participants of his Panel discuss these and many other questions in the panel on building an infrastructure for digital assets.


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About the lecturers

Dr. Oliver Krause is the initiator and Co-Founder of the untitled INC Token Economy Venture Studio and Experts Network. With more than 25 years of experience in innovation & transformation from roles in consulting, VC, Industry, and startups he runs his own business on all things web3 and digital transformation. Oliver is active as a founder, advisor, and investor in the space. In addition, he is co-curator of Digital Davos, the regular side event to the annual World Economic Forum week, a speaker at conferences and Hackathons as well as a co-producer of the award-winning documentary Cryptopia Film.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Oliver Krause

Konstantin Dagianis is a Financial Services Partner and the Crypto Assurance Leader at PwC. He deals with new technologies and how to use them in the financial services industry in a risk-orientied and compliant way. Konstantin is consulting various clients out of the crypto space and the financial services sector.

LinkedIn profile of Konstantin Dagianis

Markus Honvehlmann started his career at Deutsche Börse and moved from there into business consulting. He is co-founder of confero, wepex, and Ethos Advisors, consultancies specialized in securities service providers. He has experience from 25 years of active consulting work in the areas of asset management, investment banking/capital markets, clearing & settlement, and global custody. Since 2020, he is Head of Business Development at micobo, where he has developed numerous concepts for the tokenization of financial and real assets and supported their implementation.

LinkedIn profile of Markus Honvehlmann

Nils von Schoenaich-Carolath ist Managing Director Digital Assets at Bankhaus Scheich and Chief Revenue Officer at tradias. Bankhaus Scheich / tradias provides the necessary infrastructure and services to enable all institutional investors to access the enormous potential of digital assets. The decades of accumulated knowledge of Bankhaus Scheich as one of the leading securities trading banks and market makers on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is now flowing into the FinTech arm tradias. Bankhaus Scheich / tradias already enables its customers to trade a variety of 100+ cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a regulated environment, as well as to access a range of other digital asset services such as tokenization, asset management, or borrowing/lending.

LinkedIn profile of Nils von Schoenaich-Carolath

Seamus Donoghue is the Chief Growth Officer at METACO, where he oversees marketing, partnering, strategy, and certain product-related functions. He joined METACO in 2018 to drive the commercialization of the company’s flagship digital asset custody and orchestration platform and lead corporate development activities. His role leverages extensive prior experience in investment banking, wealth management, commodities, and crypto markets that span market structure, regulations, and technology. Seamus has spent +20 years building and managing trading operations across all the global financial centers with JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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In his career, which now spans over 20 years, Volker Braunberger has successfully worked as a managing partner for different consulting companies and implemented numerous projects for national and international banks and asset managers. His business focus was and still is on the investment fund industry. In 2021 he initiated the foundation of GmbH, which started its business operations as a subsidiary of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Plutoneo Consulting GmbH. In parallel, he founded the FinTech start-up "fundsonchain", which is providing a platform for the end-to-end handling of tokenized fund shares.

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