Industry Insights: How will Bitcoin and Crypto Impact Future Societies (Panel Discussion)

Industry Insights: How will Bitcoin and Crypto Impact Future Societies (Panel Discussion)

How will Bitcoin and Crypto Impact Future Societies (Panel Discussion)

Bitcoin and crypto have the potential to impact future societies in various ways. They could not only revolutionize financial systems, providing decentralized and borderless financial transactions that could enhance financial inclusivity and disrupt traditional banking, but also could impact economic policies as governments grapple with regulations, taxation, and central bank digital currencies and, therefore, changing a considerable part of the daily tasks of modern societies.


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About the lecturers

Sven Wagenknecht is a Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BTC-ECHO, the most significant German-language media platform covering blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is a well-known speaker and advisor, working with public institutions such as the United Nations and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. With his deep industry knowledge and extensive network, Sven is a recognized leader in the blockchain community.

LinkedIn profile of Sven Wagenknecht

Daniel Wingen is a Bitcoin integration management consultant who strongly focuses on enabling institutions, banks, companies, and communities worldwide to adopt Bitcoin and Lightning technology. He is also involved with Galoy, an automation platform that simplifies Bitcoin and Lightning transactions. With his expertise, Daniel aims to promote the value of Bitcoin and drive the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide.

LinkedIn profile of Daniel Wingen

Marius van der Wijden is a software developer who works on go-Ethereum, one of the most widely used implementations of the Ethereum blockchain. His work focuses on developing and improving the underlying codebase of the platform to make it more robust, efficient, and user-friendly.

LinkedIn profile of Marius van der Wijden

Dirk Röder is the Head of the Blockchain Solution Center at T-Systems MMS, responsible for developing secure and reliable infrastructure solutions for decentralized networks, staking, and other related technologies. With his expertise in Ethereum and Polkadot, he helps organizations implement blockchain-based solutions that deliver real value and drive innovation. His contributions to the industry have earned him a reputation as a thought leader in blockchain technology.

LinkedIn profile of Dirk Röder

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