Panel Discussion: "How to kick-start your career in DeFi"

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: "How to kick-start your career in DeFi"

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: "How to kick-start your career in DeFi"

In this panel, Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (moderator), Marcel Grimm, DeFi Talent / LPA, Tony Kim, DeFi Talent / METACO, Benedict Wolff, DeFi Talent / Kasuria, and Sebastian Banescu, Quantstamp, want to answer all your questions about starting a career in DeFi & blockchain.


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About the lecturers

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner has founded the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC). In 2018 and in 2019, he was ranked as one of the “top 30” economists by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), a major newspaper in Germany. Further, he belonged to the “Top 40 under 40” — a ranking by the German business magazine Capital. Since 2017, he is member of the FinTech Council of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany. The expertise of Prof. Sandner includes blockchain technology in general, crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the digital programmable Euro, tokenization of assets and rights and digital identity. You can contact him via mail (, or via:

LinkedIn profile of Philipp Sandner

Marcel Grimm is Mentor of the DeFi Talents program, Financial Service Consultant and Portfolio Analyst at Decentralized Capital. He started helping companies with regulatory compliance and business development in the financial industry at the age of 19 and has now been doing so for more than four years. His biggest priority is helping companies and family offices understand the benefits of using and investing in exponential technologies like blockchain. He is passionate about engaging with the community and helping non-experts understand and appreciate the value of blockchain technology and DeFi.

LinkedIn profile of Marcel Grimm

Originally coming from a traditional finance background, Tony Kim is a DeFi enthusiast and alumni of the first DeFi Talents cohort, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In February 2020 he began his career at METACO, a digital asset custody & orchestration technology provider for Tier-1 financial institutions, as a Presales consultant. He is also a mentor of the current DeFi Talents program led by Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

LinkedIn profile of Tony Kim

Following his studies of business information systems including a variety of internships at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Germany and Silicon Valley, Benedict Wolff gained four years of consulting and engineering experience at Accenture and IBM in the fields of crypto assets, blockchain technology, microservice architectures, and cloud native platforms. Benedict was also a participant in the first cohort of the DeFi Talents program, and by growing the local DeFi community completed the program with distinguished achievement. After his participation in the program, he decided to focus on DeFi full-time by joining Kasuria, a German DeFi data analytics startup, as a Product Owner.

LinkedIn profile of Benedict Wolff

Sebastian Banescu is the CEO of Chainproof Digital Asset Insurance Ltd, the world's first primary insurer for non-custodial smart contracts and DeFi. He is also the Managing Director of Quantstamp Germany GmbH and started his full time jorney as a solidity developer in the crypto space back in 2018. He holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich. His research spans several areas of computer security such as smart contract analysis, cyber-insurance, reverse engineering, malware detection, software protection, and privacy. Before joining Quantstamp, Sebastian worked as a security specialist at large enterprises such as BMW and Philips.

LinkedIn profile of Sebastian Banescu


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