Industry Insights: How Does the Future of Digital Assets Custody Look Like? (Panel Discussion)

Industry Insights: How Does the Future of Digital Assets Custody Look Like? (Panel Discussion)

How Does the Future of Digital Assets Custody Look Like? (Panel Discussion)

As the popularity and adoption of digital assets grow, custody services' role becomes increasingly important. Various factors, such as regulatory frameworks, security concerns, and technological advancements, will likely shape the future of digital asset custody. In this context, it is critical to examine current trends and challenges in the digital asset custody landscape to gain insight into the potential future of this industry.


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About the lecturers

Dr. Jonas Gross is Chairman of the Digital Euro Association (DEA) and Chief Operating Officer at etonec. Jonas holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Bayreuth, Germany. His main fields of interest are central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and monetary policy. Further, Jonas is co-host of the German podcast "Bitcoin, Fiat, & Rock'n' Roll", an external lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and a member of the expert panel of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Jonas Gross

Robert Pertschy is a finance expert working as a Lead Business Developer in the DACH region for bitpanda. He has previous expertise in consulting and corporate finance jobs with firms such as zeb and Ernst & Young.

LinkedIn profile of Robert Pertschy

Nayana Talwar is the Executive Director of Sygnum Bank, the world's first digital asset bank, where she has overseen the creation of multiple successful products. Her mission is to make digital assets secure, easy, and bankable for her clients, allowing them to invest confidently in the digital asset economy.

LinkedIn profile of Nayana Talwar

Johannes Kaske is a highly experienced financial services consultant focusing on banking and capital markets. He coordinated the German State of Bavaria's Blockchain Strategy as Head of Blockchain for the Digital Ministry of Bavaria and presently serves as Global Head of Metaco Solutions.

LinkedIn profile of Johannes Kaske

Volker Liermann is an experienced executive in digitalization development with a career spanning over two decades. He currently serves as the Head of EY ifb Group for digitalization development.

LinkedIn profile of Volker Liermann

Jan Brzezek is the Founder and CEO of Crypto Finance AG. This leading financial technology company provides professional-grade products and services for institutional and private clients in the crypto space. With over a decade of experience in the finance and technology industries, Mr. Brzezek is a recognized expert in blockchain technology and digital assets. Under his leadership, Crypto Finance AG has established itself as a critical player in the rapidly-evolving crypto market.

LinkedIn profile of Jan Brzezek


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