Panel Discussion: Digital Securities and Crypto Assets: What to Expect in the Next Months?

Digital Securities and Crypto Assets: What to Expect in the Next Months?


Panel Discussion: Digital Securities and Crypto Assets: What to Expect in the Next Months?

Revisit our thought-provoking discussion on the digital assets landscape since security tokens and decentralized finance, coupled with the proliferation of non-fungible tokens and decentralized applications, already started to reshape existing financial products, moderated by Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, and featuring expert insights from Philippe Redaelli, Marcus Hennig, Volker Liermann and Thomas Pecha. They explored key trends, such as the debate around spot Bitcoin ETFs, newly announced projects by companies and banks, the evolution of digital securities markets, the dynamics propelling growth and adoption the intricate metamorphosis of regulatory frameworks governing these domains, and the emergence of novel applications and use cases for digital asset rails.


Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 49 min.).

About the lecturers

Philippe Redaelli works for Kaiko, a leading source of cryptocurrency market data, providing businesses with industrial-grade and regulatory-compliant market data with SO2 certification.was general secretary at EPEX SPOT after which we pursued his position as Chief Product Officer at Fragmos Chain from 2019 to 2022. Prior to this, he was Vice-President and Financial Director of Alpiq Marché Ouest. Previously he worked as a legal and finance director at Powernext Paris. 

LinkedIn profile of Philippe Redaelli

Dr. Marcus Hennig has a background in both physics and mathematical finance. After having spent several years in France, China, and Australia as a scientist in large research centres, he moved back to Germany to start his career as a consultant in the finance industry. Currently, Marcus is leading various blockchain-related projects for large and small clients at d-fine.

LinkedIn profile of Marcus Hennig

Volker Liermann is Partner and the Head of Developing Digitalization at EY ifb. EY ifb offers an array of full-service solutions to help banks and insurance companies in their finance, risk and digital transformation. They map the multi-layered demands of supervision, management, accounting and risk and embed them in advanced IT architectures.

LinkedIn profile of Volker Liermann

Thomas Pecha is an experienced executive leader with over 30 years of financial service industry experience and is a Sales Director at Metaco where he is responsible for the total customer relationship with banks and financial institutions. Through his previous experiences in the finance industry, he brings in-depth knowledge of project management, banking experience in fund and asset management and IT know-how of international insurance companies to the table.

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Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner has founded the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. From 2018 to 2021, he was ranked among the "top 30" economists by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), a major newspaper in Germany. Further, he belonged to the “Top 40 under 40” — a ranking by the German business magazine Capital. He has been a member of the FinTech Council and the Digital Finance Forum of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany. He is also on the Board of Directors of FiveT Fintech Fund, 21e6 Capital and Blockchain Founders Group - companies active in venture capital financing for blockchain startups and crypto asset investment management.

LinkedIn profile of Philipp Sandner

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