Digital Asset Marketplaces Fostering Adoption (Panel)

Digital Asset Marketplaces Fostering Adoption (Panel)

Industry Insights: Digital Asset Marketplaces Fostering Adoption (Panel)

Fast infrastructural development may be the most effective way to profit off seemingly futuristic innovations and technologies in the blockchain space and could mean an early adaptation of our financial markets to disruptive processes. The general idea of instantly exchanging digitalized tokens and assets without needing an intermediary may be one of the most adorable aspects. How would our monetary regulations and legislations have to adapt to radiant developments? How could market makers approach the implementation of proper conditions?

About the lecturers

Maximilian Bruckner works as Head of Marketing & Sales at 21e6 Capital, a Swiss investment advisor, connecting professional investors with optimal crypto investment products. Backed by a highly experienced team of crypto and finance experts with in-depth knowledge in digital assets and DLT, 21e6 Capital created a unique strategy that is aimed at achieving crypto-like returns while minimizing risk and volatility to global equity levels. Before, he worked as a Project Manager at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, among other jobs.

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Frank Wagner is a serial entrepreneur and investor in digital and crypto. Furthermore, he is the co-founder and CEO of INVAO Group an institutional-grade investment company with offices in Liechtenstein, Germany, and the UAE.

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Alireza Siadat, M.J.I., is a partner at Annerton Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. Furthermore, He is a co-founder and board member of Luxembourg-based thinkBlocktank a.s.b.l., which helped create an EU-wide framework for crypto assets through their membership in INATBA. He is also a member of the Blockchain Bundesverband e.V., Finance Working Group, which has assisted the German government in the regulation of cryptocurrencies as well as the civil law treatment of electronic securities.

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Ivica Aračić is the chief technology officer at SWIAT. She is working on a blockchain-based innovation platform for the financial industry, bringing traditional and digital securities on-chain.

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Michael Spitz is the founder and co-CEO of 360X, a secondary marketplace for digital shares of alternative asset classes, such as art and real estate. They provide trusted and simple access to high-quality and expert-verified assets. Before founding 360X, he worked as Co-Head of the BlockchainLab of Commerzbank AG.

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Till Rügge knows the established financial system and questions it in many places with well-founded doubts. Through his professional background in asset management and sustainable funds, he has recognized clear inefficiencies in the capital market, which he now wants to improve. Till grew up with the mindset of an entrepreneurial family and recognized the potential of blockchain early on.

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