Santiment's Maksim Balashevich – now on Industry Insights

Santiment's Maksim Balashevich – now on Industry Insights

Industry Insights: Understanding Crypto Market Behavior

Speculative markets are often victim to irrational assumptions about future growth opportunities that lead to unnatural course movements. Rather than permanently growing, a market for securities is all about cycles. With the growing amount of capital in crypto markets and the generally less risk-averse approach of investors, these cycles have a much higher velocity. Providers of reliable access to information on digital securities could help erase this problem and have emerged as a new market within crypto.

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About the lecturer

Maksim Balashevich is the founder of Santiment, a market behavior platform where users can easily visualize the coins’ on-chain, social media, and development activity information. Previously working at IBM, Maksim went to study yoga and meditation for 7 years before transitioning into crypto full time. Over the past 4 years, Santiment has developed a growing number of predictive market indicators bringing added value to the crypto market and the behavior of its main stakeholders.

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