Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: Collectibles, NFTs, Metaverse

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: Collectibles, NFTs, Metaverse

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: Collectibles, NFTs, Metaverse

Delve into this insightful discussion from our past event with Marcel Grimm, Niclas Voigt, Alexander Schlicher, Ramin Ghafari Kashani, and Maximillian Bruckner, as they explored the far-reaching implications of asset tokenization, NFTs, and the evolving metaverse.


Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 52 min.).

About the lecturers

Marcel Grimm is an experienced Financial Services consultant advising on blockchain, compliance and sustainability with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Marcel started helping companies with regulatory compliance and business development in the financial industry at the age of 19 and has now been doing so for more than four years. His biggest priority is helping companies understand the benefits of using exponential technologies like blockchain to create commercially viable digital transformations. He is passionate about engaging with the community and helping non-experts understand and appreciate the value of blockchain technology.

LinkedIn profile of Marcel Grimm

Maximilian Bruckner, Head of Marketing & Sales at 21e6 Capital AG. Prior to this, he was engaged as Executive Director of the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) where he focused on research and classification of crypto assets according to the International Token Classification (ITC) framework. He was heavily involved in the creation of the world’s biggest token database for classification and identification data on tokens (TOKENBASE). Maximilian graduated from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and did academic research in close consultation with Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner.

LinkedIn profile of Maximilian Bruckner

Alex SchlicherFounder of Fansea, a web3 company in 2020 to create Blockchain based products for Sports & Entertainment clients and their fans. Worked 20+ years in the Capital Markets & Consulting industry in senior executive roles. Major companies and clients include Accenture, Capco, JP Morgan & UBS. Big innovation fan and believer of narrative around Blockchain, empowering decentralized finance and digital assets.

LinkedIn profile of Alex Schlicher

Niclas Voigta Business Expert specializing in DLT, Blockchain Lab, and Crypto Assets at Commerzbank AG, holds a Master of Science degree in Business Informatics from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

LinkedIn profile of Niclas Voigt

Ramin Ghafari, Head of Financial Technologies at Siemens Treasury, is an experienced leader and digital innovator with a substantial international record in consulting and the digital payments space, including the future of money, digital assets, tokenization of assets, and NFTs. He holds a Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau.

LinkedIn profile of Ramin Ghafari


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