Industry Insights: Carbon Tokenization and Decentralization - A Winning Combination for ESG Innovation

Industry Insights: Carbon Tokenization and Decentralization - A Winning Combination for ESG Innovation

Alireza Siadat (Annerton) and Kai Schmied (NRverse) – Industry Insights

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations become increasingly important in the global business landscape, carbon tokenization and decentralization have become compelling strategies to drive ESG innovation. By leveraging blockchain technology, carbon credits can be tokenized and traded in a decentralized manner. This offers new opportunities for unlocking value and promoting sustainability, so leveraging potential synergies makes carbon tokenization and decentralization a possible winning combination for ESG innovation.

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About the lecturer

Alireza Siadat is Partner at Annerton, an independent law firm specializing in regulatory law in the financial industry. He is an expert in banking regulations and compliance regarding market entry. She specializes in blockchain technology and counsels financial markets service providers on regulatory and compliance matters and M&A and Commercial Law.

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Kai Schmied is an experienced professional in the energy and web3 industries, serving as Innovation Manager at Elia Group and CEO & Co-Founder at NRverse. He brings renewable energy into the Metaverse by supplying Web3 apps with renewable energies at NRverse. At Elia Group, Kai drives innovation in energy market topics like trading, ancillary services, and consumer centricity. He has vast experience setting up and operating a corporate blockchain lab for the power sector, validating DLT for various use cases, and leading intelligent energy management projects.

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