Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: Carbon Tokenization

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: Carbon Tokenization

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: Carbon Tokenization

Revisit our thought-provoking discussion on carbon tokenization, moderated by Marcel Grimm, and featuring expert insights from Sarah Gottwald, Carsten Herrmann, Maximilian Rösgen, and Sandro Stark. They explored the innovative use of blockchain in addressing environmental issues and the exciting possibilities it brings to carbon credits trading.


Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 54 min.).

About the lecturers

Marcel Grimm is an experienced Financial Services consultant advising on blockchain, compliance and sustainability with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Marcel started helping companies with regulatory compliance and business development in the financial industry at the age of 19 and has now been doing so for more than four years. His biggest priority is helping companies understand the benefits of using exponential technologies like blockchain to create commercially viable digital transformations. He is passionate about engaging with the community and helping non-experts understand and appreciate the value of blockchain technology.

LinkedIn profile of Marcel Grimm

Sarah Gottwald, is Managing Director at the Blockchain Founders Group. Before she has been Investment Manager at Vanagon Ventures, a Web3 focused Venture Capital firm. In the past she has worked in the Corporate Strategy and M&A sector specifically in the automotive industry.

LinkedIn profile of Sarah Gottwald

Carsten HerrmannCo-Founder and CTO of Particula, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology. His diverse experience spans various sectors, from hardware and climate solutions to blockchain and AI. Carsten's current focus lies in climate tech, the circular economy, and exploring carbon markets.

LinkedIn profile of Carsten Herrmann

Maximilian Rösgenis an Executive Director at ECOTA, the European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association, where he manages the day-to-day operations ranging from marketing to communications and IT. Furthermore, he is responsible for building a knowledge pool of over 100 leading industry experts at ECOTA and an Associate Consultant at BMC Strategy Consultants GmbH. With a business administration and finance background, Maximilian specializes in strategy development, market analysis, and financial modeling. Prior, Roesgen completed his studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and gained experience working at other consulting firms.

LinkedIn profile of Maximilian Rösgen

Sandro Stark, General Partner at Vanagon Ventures, is an accomplished professional with a rich history in blockchain technology and venture building. Formerly spearheading blockchain initiatives at Allianz and serving as an Industry Strategist at Microsoft for over half a decade, Sandro has amassed a diverse skill set and deep industry knowledge. Today, he focuses his expertise on scouting next-generation software companies operating at the intersection of climate and open financial systems.

LinkedIn profile of Sandro Stark


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