Panel Discussion: ARTeCHÓ - The Potential of Blockchains, NFTs, and Metaverse for the creative industry

ARTeCHÓ - The Potential of Blockchains, NFTs, and Metaverse for the creative industry


Panel Discussion: ARTeCHÓ - The Potential of Blockchains, NFTs, and Metaverse for the creative industry

Revisit our thought-provoking discussion on the Potential of Blockchains, NFTs, and Metaverse for the creative industry, moderated by Marcel Grimm, and featuring expert insights from Anna Graf, Dr. Annette Doms, Kerstin Gold, and Florian Adolph. They explored how creators benefit from the use of Blockchains, NFTs, and Metaverse including the challenges such as monetization, royalty fees, ownership, and IP rights.


Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 53 min.).

About the lecturers

Marcel Grimm is Podcast Host of Web3Stories, Mentor of the DeFi Talents program, Digital Asset Consultant and Portfolio Analyst at Decentralized Capital. He started helping companies with regulatory compliance and business development in the financial industry at the age of 19 and has now been doing so for more than five years. His biggest priority is helping companies and family offices understand the benefits of using and investing in exponential technologies like blockchain. He is passionate about engaging with the community and helping non-experts understand and appreciate the value of blockchain technology and DeFi.

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Anna Graf loves to create, connect, and innovate. All into NFTs and Web3 - Strategic Consultant and Facilitator. She is a member of a global art exhibition and the founder of the NFT art prize. She worked as a consultant for various NFT projects including WWF as an NGO, and always looks for sustainable solutions connecting real-life and virtual experiences. She started at MISA in December 2021 to open the traditional art market to a wider audience including NFTs, physicals, and fractionalized ownership.

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Annette Doms, PhD is an art historian and curator in technology-based art, and is an active participant in the emerging field of Web3. As a founding partner of xcircle since 2021, she revolutionizes the art market with a curated blockchain-based art marketplace and dynamic presentations of digital art in AR, VR, XR, and IRL. Annette is also a founding partner of the Web3 agency NFTory. She promotes spatial learning on the XRXplorer school advisory board and extends her educational pursuits as a university lecturer, author, and keynote speaker about zeitgeist topics. In 2014, she co-founded and managed UNPAINTED, Germany's inaugural digital art fair. Annette drives the fusion of art and technology, advancing the understanding and dissemination of digital art on the blockchain.

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Florian Adolph is working as an artist on the conditions of human perception in a media context.
Besides that, he co-founded, an app-based exhibition platform for geolocated augmented reality art, in 2021. 
Since 2022 he lectures and teaches at Hochschule Darmstadt in the department of „Expanded Realities“. 

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Kerstin Gold is an art market strategy consultant for the art ecosystem and an arttech start-up advisor. She advises commercial galleries, museums, foundations, and art market entrepreneurs on digital transformation and business model innovation and serves as an art+tech start-up advisor as well as a mentor at VC-accelerator programs for early-stage ventures. She has a wealth of insight into the art business sector and a great passion for web3, NFTs, and the metaverse.
Kerstin is co-founder and author of the ART+TECH Report, which in 2022 surveyed buying patterns and collecting motivations of art NFT collectors and is currently examining the impact of web3 on the concept of art collecting. 
Following her interest in blockchain and the belief that the space requires more diversity, she serves as the chapter lead of the Berlin Chapter of Women in Blockchain Talks, a diversity initiative highlighting female achievements in the web3 space. She is a DLT Talent and NFT Talent with Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC).

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