Inflation, Bear Market & Recession: What to Expect 2023 in Crypto? (Panel)

Inflation, Bear Market & Recession: What to Expect 2023 in Crypto? (Panel)

Industry Insights: Inflation, Bear Market & Recession: "What to Expect 2023 in Crypto? (Panel)"

What to expect in 2023? The six panelists discuss how the macroeconomic environment (inflation, bear market, recession) will affect the crypto world in the short and long term and what to expect in terms of crypto adoption and decoupling. They also draw comparisons to the situation 3-5 years ago and take a look at the past.


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About the lecturers

Sarah Gottwald is an investment manager at Munich-based venture capital Cryptofinance. Founded in January 2022, Cryptofinance focuses on equity investments to participate in the success of early-stage ventures developing blockchain applications. Furthermore, Sarah is an early-stage crypto investor and is internationally active in various programs and events. She is part of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Talents Programs and participated in Lugano’s Plan B summer school. In addition, she is a member of the Unit Network, H.E.R. DAO, and a mentor for young (female) talents in web3.

LinkedIn profile of Sarah Gottwald

Alexander Höptner was appointed CEO of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH and of EUWAX AG 2018. He spent from 2001-2015 with Deutsche Börse AG, where he sat on the executive committees for the Cash Market and Information Technology divisions. After leaving Deutsche Börse AG, he built a start-up creating a global marketplace for trading in tokenized virtual goods. Alexander Hoeptner is CEO of BitMEX since January 2021.

LinkedIn profile of Alexander Höptner

Christoph Hock currently works as Managing Director / Head Multi-Asset Trading at Union Investment, is the Co-Chairman at Plato Partnership, Director of Neptune Networks, and Director of Sustainable Trading. He pursued his bachelor’s at the Frankfurt School and after his master’s degree in St. Gallen, he gained experience in a variety of jobs all over the topics of Capital Management and more.

LinkedIn profile of Christoph Hock

Jan Brzezek is the CEO, founder, and board member of Crypto Finance AG. In 2017, Jan started his journey as a first-generation entrepreneur and founded Crypto Finance AG. Since then, he has steered the company on its way as a leading provider of products and services covering the entire digital asset value chain. Today Crypto Finance is A FINMA-regulated financial institution and a member of Deutsche Börse Group, offering professional digital asset solutions in asset management, brokerage, custody, infrastructure, and tokenization for financial institutions.

LinkedIn profile of Jan Brzezek

Katharina Gehra is the CEO & Co-Founder of Immutable Insight. With four live asset management products, compliance and a broad MiCA token readiness offering it is a full-service licensed blockchain company. She also serves as a supervisory board member at Börse Stuttgart and Fürstlich Castell'sche Bank.

LinkedIn profile of Katharina Gehra

Sascha Rangoonwala works as Country Manager at Coinbase Germany since 2 years. Before his employment at Coinbase, he worked for eleven years with Deutsche Boerse, ten years in consulting, and seven years in venture capital/PE.

LinkedIn profile of Sascha Rangoonwala


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