Magnus Jones of Ernst & Young – now on Industry Insights

Magnus Jones of Ernst & Young – now on Industry Insights

Industry Insights: How to navigate Web3 and Metaverse within Regulatory Frameworks? Examples of Adidas NFT drop, and World premiere of Norwegian Government launch of office in Metaverse

As new technologies such as Web3 and the metaverse are making their way into the everyday life of more and more people, there is a growing need for governmental regulations on such topics. Due to the early stage of development, there are still uncertain and unclear regulations at the moment because governments do not yet have sufficient knowledge, tools, or resources. However, there is a high possibility of cases being opened retrospectively. Furthermore, a high risk of people bypassing the law in the near future is given. Which leads to the only logical conclusion of the urgent need for clear regulations and taxes.

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About the lecturer

Magnus Jones works as an Executive Director at Ernst & Young, where he has been the Nordic Blockchain lead in EY Tax & Law, since early 2020. Prior to his current position, he functioned as the Nordic innovation lead in EY Tax & Law after, starting his career as a Senior Advisor in 2008. Next to joining EY, he also gained experience through work at, among others, Den Norske Dataforening, BI Norwegian Business School, and Oslo Blockchain Cluster.

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