Georg Oehme of RAT-Factory – Industry Insights

Georg Oehme of RAT-Factory – Industry Insights

Industry Insights: RAT-Factory – Tokenizing Real Assets for new Business Models

Tokenization can be applied in many different ways. Besides the commonly known fields, the technology solves many problems in new areas of life, such as yachts. But how does it work? What are the advantages and how is it different from normal renting? Can one simply resell the tokens? Are there other possibilities besides applying tokenization around yachts? In his presentation, Georg Oehme from RAT Factory answers these questions and much more.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 17 min.)

About the lecturer

Prior to entering the Digital Asset & Yachting industry, Georg Oehme worked in Tax Consultancy based in Germany, focusing on International Tax Law. From 2016 to 2022, Georg was part of the Yachting and Private Aviation team at Vistra Marine & Aviation based in Malta and Germany and set up the “Global Blockchain and Digital Asset Team” at Vistra. Speaking both languages of yachting and blockchain, in 2021, Georg initiated and created a crypto-payment process in collaboration with Ocean Independence to accept cryptocurrency as an instrument of payment for yacht charters and purchases. At the beginning of 2022, Georg, together with his business partners, founded the Real Asset Token Factory with the aim to enable a new business model for tokenized real assets. YachtingOne is their first Vertifical and has been developed to “re-think yacht ownership” by utilizing tokenization to combine the advantages of co-ownership and time-sharing.

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