Riddle&Code's Kai Siefert – discover on Industry Insights

Riddle&Code's Kai Siefert – discover on Industry Insights

Industry Insights: How the Tokenization of Energy, Machines and Data Brings the Green New Deal to the People (and Investors)

With countries proposing plans for climate goals against global warming, the demand for sustainable power sources capable of providing large amounts of energy is increasing continuously. Government spending on infrastructural projects drives innovations in this sector. Participating in this ‘Gold Rush’ would convey investment opportunities, if it wouldn’t be for significant hurdles in entering the energy market, preventing small investors from doing so. Nevertheless, Riddle&Code may have found a solution for this problem, and it relies on blockchain technology.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 18 min.)

About the lecturer

Kai Siefert has 16 years of professional experience in the energy industry. After years as an analyst and strategy developer for OMV AG, his recent work focused on accelerating the energy transition by developing DLT-based digital services for renewable and distributed energy sources including the energy tokenization platform MyPower. Since April 1st he is the managing director of R&C Energy a joint venture between Wien Energie and Riddle & Code.

LinkedIn profile of Kai Siefert

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