Tokenization of Carbon - The Next Big Thing? (Panel Discussion)

Tokenization of Carbon - The Next Big Thing? (Panel Discussion)

Industry Insights: Tokenization of Carbon - The Next Big Thing? (Panel Discussion)

Environmental protection has become an increasingly big issue worldwide over the last couple of years and will rule our way of economic thinking throughout the upcoming decades. Blockchain technology can have a big positive impact through the tokenization of carbon. In this panel, the panelists discuss how the tokenization of carbon can be implemented in the current markets, as well as take a deep dive into some of its advantages and disadvantages.


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About the lecturers

Dr. Oliver Krause is the initiator and Co-Founder of the untitled INC Token Economy Venture Studio and Experts Network. With more than 25 years of experience in innovation & transformation from roles in consulting, VC, Industry, and startups he runs his own business on all things web3 and digital transformation. Oliver is active as a founder, advisor, and investor in the space. In addition, he is co-curator of Digital Davos, the regular side event to the annual World Economic Forum week, a speaker at conferences and Hackathons as well as a co-producer of the award-winning documentary Cryptopia Film.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Oliver Krause

Cara Reuner is an impact enthusiast and has worked for alternative asset managers focusing on ESG and impact investing. During her master's thesis, she studied the use of distributed ledger technology in voluntary carbon markets and is now involved in the think tank "European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association".

LinkedIn profile of Cara Reuner

Jerome Cochet is the co-founder of goodcarbon. With a strong business and marketing background, Jerome previously worked for the likes of McKinsey & Co, and Zalando, where he founded Zalando Marketing Services. As an avid nature and outdoors lover, Jerome always sought a way to combine this passion with his professional life and do his part to fight climate change, support biodiversity, and the local communities who are impacted. Founding goodcarbon has made this possible. The innovative platform enables conscious companies and investors to purchase carbon credits from high-impact Nature-based Solutions, thus providing project owners with the funding they need to scale.

LinkedIn profile of Jerome Cochet

Lucas Zaehringer works as project lead for Europa at Verity Tracking, a company that helps their clients to gain transparency of distributed ledger technology by allowing them to show, document, and verify the carbon intensity of their products. Lucas describes his job as the development of a large, effective, and transparent voluntary carbon market with a supply-management system that ensures the reliability of the low, neutral, or negative carbon intensity of the production through an immutable automated audit recorded on the blockchain.

LinkedIn profile of Lucas Zaehringer

Maximilian Rösgen is a Master in Management student at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Next to his studies, he has been gaining experience in consulting through his work as an associate consultant at BMC Strategy Consultants and Senior Student Consultant at Frankfurt School Student Consulting GmbH. Prior to his Master's studies, he did several Internships with a focus on Communications at, among others, McKinsey and WirtschaftsWoche. Furthermore, he Co-founded RheinHolz GbR and functions as the executive director of the European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association.

LinkedIn profile of Maximilian Rösgen

Tim Schuldt is the Co-founder of Callirius AG since 2022. Before that, he worked as Head of Research equinet Bank / Pareto Securities since 2016, as Portfolio Manager of European equities and High Yield bonds from 2015 to 2016, and started his career as an Equity Analyst at several banks.

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