Industry Insights: “Tokenization in the Context of Digital Ecosystems“

Industry Insights: “Tokenization in the Context of Digital Ecosystems“

Industry Insights: “Tokenization in the Context of Digital Ecosystems”

BISON, a crypto trading platform of Börse Stuttgart, has almost 500.000 users and is still growing. The trading volume is huge and products will be significantly larger in the future and will also roll out internationally. Dr. Ulli Spankwski of Börse Stuttgart talks about the origin and future outlook of BISON.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 20 min.).

About the lecturer

Dr. Ulli Spankowski is Chief Digital Officer at Boerse Stuttgart Group. He is an experienced executive and fintech founder with a successful exit. From his working experience at Boerse Stuttgart Group, Sowa Labs, and the European Commission, he accumulated a deep knowledge ranging from financial derivatives and regulation to predictive data analytics tools, cryptocurrency trading, and digital asset custody. He studied Economics and Finance at the Universities of Hohenheim, Ulm, and Valencia and followed a Ph.D. program in Finance at the University of Hohenheim with focus on market microstructure.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Ulli Spankowski


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