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Industry Insights: Tokenization as a Service - Smart and efficient Tokenization for financial products

Industry Insights: Tokenization as a Service - Smart and efficient Tokenization for financial products

Tokenization as a Service. Jürgen Weidmann from WM Datenservice and Justus Schreiner from Nucleus Finance explain how the Company is working together to make financial contracts more efficient by implementing tokenization and shared infrastructure.


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About the lecturers

Jürgen Weidmann has been responsible for the digital assets/blockchain area as Senior Business Development Manager at WM Datenservice since 2019. He is actively working on creating a bridge between the new digital ecosystem and the traditional financial market. As head of WM's Crypto Custody working group, he is driving the development of a common data infrastructure between these markets. Jürgen has extensive experience in application development and securities business as well as structuring and standardization of master, forward, and listing data for financial instruments. As a long-time head of the Issuance and Trading department as well as the Business Management department at WM Datenservice, he is an excellent expert in both the issuance business and securities processing. Prior to joining WM Datenservice, he held responsible positions in application development and securities business at EDS, ABN AMRO Group, and Royal Bank of Canada.

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Justus Schreiner works in Business Development for CasperLabs, the pro-service company of the Casper Blockchain, and Nucleus Finance, the tokenization suite that puts financial language at its core. He has experience in the area of alternative financial assets as well as CBDCs.

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