Alexander Ebeling (T-Systems MMS) and Maximilian Beyer (T-Systems MMS)

Alexander Ebeling (T-Systems MMS) and Maximilian Beyer (T-Systems MMS)

Industry Insights: Building staking infrastructure for corporates

The Bankingsystem plays a Key-Role in connecting People to Crypto Wallet Infrastructure. Alexander Ebeling and Maximilian Beyer (T-Systems MMS) are talking about Blockchain use cases and how Deutsche Telekom approaches Web3 and Blockchain in general.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 20 min.)

About the lecturers

Alexander Ebeling works at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH. He started student trainee in Business development in 2015 and gained experience through his work as a consultant in Business Development for Blockchain, before Co-founding the T-Systems Blockchain Solutions Center in 2017. Through his work, he created a plan for strategic positioning for blockchain with company executives and high-level managers, conducted research to identify new markets and customer needs, supervised the technical and process for distributed ledger technology, and finally became the senior advisor for challenging Blockchain PoC.

LinkedIn profile of Alexander Ebeling

Maximilian Beyer is a product owner at the Blockchain Solutions Center of T-Systems MMS, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. There, he and his team are responsible for building staking infrastructure for public blockchain networks. Before this, Maximilian gained many years of consulting experience in strategy and digitization projects, which he also uses today in projects in the area of blockchain and web3.

LinkedIn profile of Maximilian Beyer

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