d-fine's Dr. Marc Henniges – discover on Industry Insights

d-fine's Dr. Marc Henniges – discover on Industry Insights

Industry Insights: Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) and Public Key Infrastructures – Friends or Foes?

Blockchain is often praised for enhancing the speed of day-to-day transactions and the security of institutional and private trading. One aspect that supports this claim is the safe handling of transactions that only occur in case both counterparties have the underlying of the transaction and the settlement amounts in their respective portfolios. With cybercrimes and scams becoming an increasingly distributed problem on the internet and in e-commerce, the call for exact and guaranteed identification methods grows louder.

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About the lecturer

Dr. Marc Henniges did his Ph.D. in physics and now holds a manager position in the blockchain practice at d-fine. In this role, he has participated in several successful client projects, with topics ranging from tokenization to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and has gained experience in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) as well as pay-per-use applications. He uses his comprehensive blockchain insights to help clients in structuring their blockchain-related enterprise - from project management to implementation.

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