NFTs, Metaverse and Web3 - What’s the Next Big Thing? (Panel)

NFTs, Metaverse and Web3 - What’s the Next Big Thing? (Panel)

Industry Insights: NFTs, Metaverse and Web3 - What’s the Next Big Thing? (Panel)

There have been new trends every week for the last two years. Creative minds have come up with revolutionary concepts for future financial infrastructure and monetary markets as well as for our everyday life. Therefore, dynamic entrepreneurs try to capitalize on recent developments. But how can one distinguish projects with tremendous future impact from investment bubbles?

About the lecturers

Sven Wagenknecht is editor-in-chief and co-founder of BTC-ECHO, the highest-coverage medium on the topic of blockchain in the German-speaking region. In his role, he regularly comments on the socio- and macroeconomic impact of decentralized technologies. In addition, he advises public institutions like the United Nations on individual blockchain initiatives. After training as a banker, Wagenknecht studied politics and economics in Münster and Barcelona.

LinkedIn profile of Sven Wagenknecht

Dr. Teo Pham is a leading expert for NFTs and the metaverse, advising global brands on their web3 strategy.He's the host of the popular "Trends" podcast and founder of the WΞB3 conference.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Teo Pham

Stefan Schmitt joined Blockdaemon two years ago, helping build the sales team and expand into the EMEA region. He enables both crypto and TradFi companies to access blockchains, participate in yields, and establishes partnerships to make crypto as accessible as possible. Previous to Blockdaemon, Stefan has worked as a Project Manager and Research Associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and was involved in several startups and associations such as ITSA.

LinkedIn profile of Stefan Schmitt

Nicolas Weber is an early-stage crypto investor, writer, philanthropist, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He is part of the founding team at Amazing Blocks, Founder and CEO of DAC, and Founding Initiator of MGH DAO. Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of the Tokenization Working Group at the European Blockchain Association. He previously worked for established companies such as Daimler, Dieffenbacher, and Allianz Global Investors.

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Adrian Fritz is a Research Associate at 21Shares and Amun, creating a data-driven analysis of the crypto-asset industry. In his role, he meets with clients across EMEA to provide insight on macroeconomic trends as well as the entire crypto ecosystem. In addition, he is a lecturer for various crypto-related courses and the CCFE (Certified Crypto Finance Expert). Previously, Mr. Fritz worked as a financial analyst at Cellnex in Zurich and at Signature Management Consultants in Barcelona. After his master's degree in international business, which he completed at the HULT International Business School in San Francisco in 2015, Mr. Fritz began his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street - further career stations led him to investment banking and management consulting. With a passion for the crypto world for many years, he decided to pursue it on a professional level.

LinkedIn profile of Adrian Fritz

Dr. Alex von Frankenberg worked for a company builder, and IT startup as Head of Sales and IT, before taking the position as managing director at HTGF in October 2005. Alex holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. in the establishment of de-facto technology standards from the University of Mannheim. He is a huge bitcoin enthusiast.

LinkedIn profile of Dr. Alex von Frankenberg

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