Cashlink's Michael Duttlinger – now on Industry Insights

Cashlink's Michael Duttlinger – now on Industry Insights

Industry Insights: Building on a New Capital Markets Platform

The eWpG (electronic securities act of the German federal government) is an example of progressive jurisdictions for blockchain laws in Germany. It enables the registration of eWpG securities with a crypto securities registry instead of a Central Securities Depository and shows Germany’s farsightedness towards decentralized finance. Implementing a digital issuance infrastructure in banks' platforms could enable them to profit from a prospected growth in digitalized private capital markets closed to the public.

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About the lecturer

Michael Duttlinger is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cashlink, a fintech in digital securities. They offer players in the financial industry a proven all-in-one software solution for the tokenization of securities & assets. As one of Europe’s leading software providers for tokenization, Cashlink offers Banks and investment platforms significant competitive advantages by reducing costs by up to 60% and gaining market share in the emerging capital market 2.0. Cashlink is the Winner of the FinTech-Germany Award in the category Blockchain.

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