Innovation vs. Regulation – How Can Europe Come Out on Top? (Panel)

Innovation vs. Regulation – How Can Europe Come Out on Top? (Panel)

Industry Insights: Innovation vs. Regulation – How Can Europe Come Out on Top? (Panel)

Regulation normally decreases the velocity of innovations and imposes legislative requirements on Distributed Ledger Technology, an industry that strives for financial decentralization and independence. Embracing regulatory rules define a challenge in a fast-pacing environment, juristically speaking. The organizational challenges of financial service providers offering ground-changing products may restrain innovative companies from entering the market. How sustainable are the regulations and what are the potential advantages of them?

About the lecturers

Robert Richter is a Senior Manager at Zanders, focused on consulting in Risk and Finance. He is also a research fellow at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, where his research emphasis is on Decentralized Finance and the applications of blockchain technology in the financial services sector. Robert Richter holds a Master's degree in economics from the University of Warwick and is a CFA Charterholder.

LinkedIn profile of Robert Richter

Robert Spicer is Chief Commercial Officer of Scorechain, a Company that provides AML & Compliance solutions for cryptocurrencies, to customers worldwide. Before joining Scorechain, Robert worked among others at Microsoft and was the CEO of vyzVoice.

LinkedIn profile of Robert Spicer

Christoph Ruth worked at Accenture for over 23 years, lastly as managing director. Since 2020 he is Executive Director at Capco.

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Hagen Weiss works as Senior Advisor at the German Government since 2017.

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Manuel Klein is currently Product Manager of Blockchain Solutions & Digital Currencies at Deutsche Bank AG. Before DB, he worked as a Senior Consultant, with a focus on Blockchain Technology at EY. Furthermore, he was at FactSet and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

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Jacek Trzmiel has professional experience of 14+ years in Banking (KYC/AML, Regulatory Compliance) in international banks including UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Citibank, as well as in consulting at PwC. At Coinfirm, he is responsible for Business Development with large corporate clients.

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