Martin Leinweber of MVIS – Industry Insights

Martin Leinweber of MVIS – Industry Insights

Industry Insights: Identifying Investment Opportunities by Industry Across Crypto Assets

A growing digital asset market capitalization may influence the dominant position Bitcoin has on cryptocurrency markets. That means that new projects and protocols not only carry a speculative value, but their technologies could truly have a substantial impact on financial markets. The biggest fragments of functions of cryptocurrencies currently are the store of value and the smart-contract platforms, with more and more adaptations coming.

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About the lecturer

Martin Leinweber works as a Digital Asset Product Strategist at MV Index Solutions providing thought leadership in an emerging asset class. His role encompasses product development, research, and communication with the client base of MVIS. Before joining MVIS, he worked as a portfolio manager for equities, fixed income, and alternative investments for almost two decades. Martin Leinweber is co-author of „Asset-Allokation mit Kryptoassets. Das Handbuch“ (Wiley Finance, 2021). It is the first handbook about integrating digital assets into traditional portfolios.

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