Dr. Martin Diehl of Deutsche Bundesbank – Industry Insights

Dr. Martin Diehl of Deutsche Bundesbank – Industry Insights

Industry Insights: How CBDC can Impact Financial Market Infrastructures

The blockchain community experiences disruptive expectations of crypto assets and distributed ledgers. Nevertheless, the implementation in monetary and financial markets has been unwieldy because of the regulatory hurdles and the inadequacy of substitution of characteristics crypto assets carry compared to ‘real money’. The adaptation of DLT could impact the traceability and confidentiality in financial markets, standing in direct conflict with fraud prevention and compliance. What are the realistic adoption possibilities for DLT in modern economies and how could central banks utilize digital money?

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About the lecturer

Dr. Martin Diehl is currently head of section payment system analysis with the Deutsche Bundesbank. His analysis covers mainly financial market infrastructures, especially TARGET2. In addition, for a couple of years, he has analyzed developments in blockchain technology, DLT, related applications in the financial sector, and stable coins. He is particularly interested in the efficiency and stability issues of financial transactions.

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