Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “Existing Payment Infrastructure vs. Stablecoins“

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “Existing Payment Infrastructure vs. Stablecoins“

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “Existing Payment Infrastructure vs. Stablecoins”

Europe has to accelerate the creation of stablecoins, however, the regulation for mass adoption is not ready at this point. In this panel, Robert Kopitsch (Blockchain 4 Europe), Patrick Papsdorf (European Central Bank), Jan Kühne (Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange), Teresa Samuel (Cash-on-Ledger Technologies) and Sebastian Müller (Commerz Business Consulting) discuss the possibility of an introduction of stablecoins as a game-changer in payment infrastructure.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 18 min.).

About the lecturers

Robert Kopitsch is the Secretary-General at Blockchain for Europe as well as the fintech & Blockchain Lead Europe (Financial Services) at APCO Worldwide. Furthermore, Robert holds a Master's degree in European Politics and Policies.

LinkedIn profile of Robert Kopitsch

Patrick Papsdorf is the Head of Payments Oversight section at European Central Bank and has been in this position for 2 years now. In total, Patrick has been with European Central Bank for 21 years and holds a Master's degree in Global and International Business Management.

LinkedIn profile of Patrick Papsdorf

Jan Kühne is responsible for the development of the digital business at M.M.Warburg & CO. He has more than 15 years of experience in various areas of the Financial Service Industry such as Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Financial Accounting. Before that, he has been active as CFO in a software company.

LinkedIn profile of Jan Kühne

Teresa Samuel is a Product Owner at CashOnLedger, a service using programmable money to enable clients to execute fast, automated, and transparent transactions. Prior, Teresa worked at the European Central Bank.

LinkedIn profile of Teresa Samuel

Sebastian Müller is a Senior Project Manager at Commerz Business Consulting. Sebastian has worked at Commerz Business Consulting for 3 years now and holds a degree in Applied Economics. Prior, he worked at Detecon International as a Management Consultant.

LinkedIn profile of Sebastian Müller


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