Recent and Future Developments in Crypto Markets (Panel)

Recent and Future Developments in Crypto Markets (Panel)

Industry Insights: Recent and Future Developments in Crypto Markets (Panel)

Crypto markets and digital currencies have been soaring for the last years as retail investors and institutional investors realize the potential of blockchain. This high velocity of changes may be overwhelming to the actual implementation of distributed ledger technology. Wherever substantial amounts of money meet the creative minds of a dissatisfied generation, a gradual change in international economies is foreseeable. Consequently, regulators try to secure markets from potentially disruptive technologies that could change the way our financial systems work.

About the lecturers

Sven Wagenknecht is editor-in-chief and co-founder of BTC-ECHO, the highest-coverage medium on the topic of blockchain in the German-speaking region. In his role, he regularly comments on the socio- and macroeconomic impact of decentralized technologies. In addition, he advises public institutions like the United Nations on individual blockchain initiatives. After training as a banker, Wagenknecht studied politics and economics in Münster and Barcelona.

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Florian Wimmer finished his diploma in software engineering and worked for 4 years at KPMG in Austria. Being active in crypto since 2015 faced him with challenges when it comes to tax reporting, so he co-founded Blockpit in 2017 to build an automated solution. To date, the company raised over € 12 Million in funds and is operating in 7 jurisdictions.

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Dr. Carola Rathke works as a Partner at YPOG, a boutique tax, and business law firm providing cutting-edge, hands-on solutions for our clients’ most crucial and challenging legal issues. Furthermore, she has a particular focus on advising companies using distributed ledger technology as well as tokenized (investment) products such as crypto funds and token offerings including non-fungible tokens.

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Christian Viehof started as Chief Research Officer at Rudy Capital, at the beginning of 2022. Rudy Capital is a company with the goal to zero out digital asset market volatility and create new benchmarks in risk-adjusted returns. To achieve this, they develop stablecoin-based and market-neutral portfolios that generate steady positive returns – whether markets are rising, falling, or trending sideways. Before joining Rudy Capital was employed at ITSA - International Token Standardization Association and finished his Mater at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

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Mauro Casellini joined Bitcoin Suisse in July 2019 Bitcoin Suisse, where he is responsible for the European Business. Before joining Bitcoin Suisse AG, he successfully implemented a corporate strategy in the field of blockchain banking at Bank Frick in Liechtenstein. Mauro holds a Bachelor-Degree in Business Administration from HTW Chur and an MBA from Kalaidos University of Applied Science Switzerland.

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Thomas Langbein is responsible for Sales and Business Development at Blocksize Capital. He is a FinTech enthusiast and driven by exciting business and tech trends shaping the future of capital markets. He is a Crypto and Digital Assets expert driven by a passion for bridging traditional financial services and DLT/Blockchain technology-based innovations.

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