Industry Insights: DeFi - Where Do We Stand? Where Will We Grow in 2023?

Panel Discussion: DeFi: Where Do We Stand? Where Will We Grow in 2023?

Industry Insights: DeFi: Where Do We Stand? Where Will We Grow in 2023?

With prices having plummeted by more than 50% from their all-time highs, some chains have discontinued operating. We were discussing in the midst of a bear market the potential of DeFi with Jonas Surmann, Julian Ullrich, Oli Lemmur, Clara Medalie, and Philipp Sandner.


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About the lecturers

Philipp Sandner is head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center - a renowned expert in crypto, blockchain, and DLT. No more words are needed.

 LinkedIn profile of Philipp Sandner

Jonas Surmann works at Lockspace an International Staking Provider for retail as well as institutional investors. He's been a founder and COO of DFX.

LinkedIn profile of Jonas Surmann

Julian Ullrich works at Sola-X a Smart Liquidity Protocol powered by Solana. He is a strategic advisor at 21e6.

LinkedIn profile of Julian Ullrich

Oli Lemmur works at DFX – A DeFiChain
Community Project. DFX is helping to achieve maximum freedom by giving everyone responsibility over their own finances, so that no one need to depend on third-party providers such as banks, insurance companies or financial service providers, or on FIAT currencies.

Clara Medalie leads research at Kaiko and publishes the weekly market analysis and monthly market reports. Kaiko is a market data provider in the digital assets industry working with funds, asset managers, researchers, custodians, regulators, and exchanges.

LinkedIn profile of Clara Medalie





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