Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “DeFi for Institutionals and Asset Managers“

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “DeFi for Institutionals and Asset Managers“

Industry Insights: Panel Discussion: “DeFi for Institutionals and Asset Managers“


Decentralized finance is often seen as "for the people" to cut out expensive intermediaries and democratize financial markets, opening them for everyone. However, in Q2 2021, the average DeFi transaction size was roughly $10 million. Does this suggest that Defi is already being used by institutional investors to a significant degree? Maximilian Bruckner (International Token Standardization Association), Connor Payne  (Blocksize Capital), and Timo Lehes (Swarm Markets) discussed the impact of institutional investors on DeFi and vice-versa.

Watch this video on YouTube (ca. 59 min.).

About the panelists

Maximilian Bruckner is Executive Director at the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA). ITSA works on creating comprehensive market standards for the global token markets, to increase safety and transparency. Through ITSA's classification efforts, Maximilian has a thorough understanding of the token markets and has done in-depth research on over 400 different tokens and projects.

LinkedIn profile of Maximilian Bruckner

Connor Payne is Head of Decentralized Finance at Blocksize Capital. Connor has deep expertise in the field of DeFi and data analysis. He is an experienced software engineer and is leading Blocksize's efforts to move further into DeFi and expand their product offering in this ecosystem.

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Timo Lehes is Co-founder and Managing Director at Swarm Capital. He has played a vital role in launching the world's first ever fully licensed, high liquidity DeFi protocol in the form of Swarm Markets. Previously, he has gained valuable experience in London, USA and Sweden in the fields of asset management and venture capital, amongst others. He can look back at a  successful career of over 20 years.

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