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Industry Insights: A Decentralized Knowledge Standard for Blockchain, Digital Assets and Web3 Professionals

Industry Insights: A Decentralized Knowledge Standard for Blockchain, Digital Assets and Web3 Professionals

Blockchain, Web3, and digital assets are three huge topics with millions of different people involved, millions of different experts, and even more different sources of information. What doesn’t exist, however, is a standardization of knowledge. That is what Arno Pernthaler shares insights on: Standardized and certified Crypto knowledge. Arno from DEC Institue explains their educational programs, the benefits which come with the programs, how each program is created, and most importantly how everybody is able to get started now.

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About the lecturer

Arno Pernthaler is a Corporate Venturing expert in the space of Distributed Ledger Technologies, Digital Assets and Web3. Arno has co-founded the DEC Institute together with leading academic institutions, which has launched the international charter-holder programs CBX® and CDAA® for talent and professionals in the blockchain space. From 2019-2022 Arno was heading the corporate development of Atomyze, a USD 30 mio. industry-backed digital marketplace for tokenization and trading of commodities on blockchain technology. Before that, he worked as a corporate development manager for Swisscom Blockchain AG. Arno started his career in Digital Strategy & Consulting at Monitor Deloitte and was professionalizing his blockchain know-how working for the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab in Dublin in 2017.

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