21Shares's Adrian Fritz – now on Industry Insights

21Shares's Adrian Fritz – now on Industry Insights

Industry Insights: The Digital Euro from a Geopolitical Perspective – Will Europe Lag Behind?

The internet has changed the way individuals interact each other. The development from Web1.0 to Web2.0 was caused by the rise in social media and centralized big tech on the world wide web. Now, Web3.0 is making its way to becoming our standard way of not only digital communication but also ownership. The internet’s infrastructure ought to move value and power away from big corporations into the hands of people, granting equal access to everyone and relying on cryptocurrencies instead of the ‘traditional’ infrastructure of banks and payment processors. What is the current state of Web3.0 and what is the outlook?

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About the lecturer

Adrian Fritz is a Research Associate at 21Shares and Amun, creating a data-driven analysis of the crypto-asset industry. In his role, he meets with clients across EMEA to provide insight on macroeconomic trends as well as the entire crypto ecosystem. In addition, he is a lecturer for various crypto-related courses and the CCFE (Certified Crypto Finance Expert). Previously, Mr. Fritz worked as a financial analyst at Cellnex in Zurich and Signature Management Consultants in Barcelona. After his master's degree in international business, which he completed at the HULT International Business School in San Francisco in 2015, Mr. Fritz began his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street - further career stations led him to investment banking and management consulting. With a passion for the crypto world for many years, he decided to pursue it on a professional level.

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