Susanne Fromm of CoinIX – Industry Insights

Susanne Fromm of CoinIX – Industry Insights

Industry Insights: Investing in the Full Spectrum of Blockchain Innovation

Investing in the full spectrum of blockchain innovation would mean constant adaptation to rapidly changing market conditions but provides enormous prospect payoffs. CoinIX is confident that blockchain will change the way traditional businesses operate, especially by demanding the financial industry move away from its established system. Therefore, CoinIX provides equity to dynamic startups and players in the crypto and DLT space and pushes our economy towards the future.

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About the lecturer

Susanne Fromm is CEO of Hamburg-based investment company CoinIX. Founded in 2017, coinIX focuses on investments related to blockchain technology and virtual currencies, with shares listed on the Dusseldorf stock exchange. Susanne started her career as a management consultant. After her INSEAD MBA, she was driving digitalization, corporate venture investments, and partnerships with tech giants at Allianz. Susanne is a DLT expert, passionate crypto investor, and co-founder of a digital asset consultancy.

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